Epiphany According to Kids

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany! 

Sometimes a child’s perspective is the best perspective. I might not put a camel on top of the manager because I’ve been spit on enough... But I do love how the people who have no business being in the picture - are. The young woman who was pregnant before she was married. The shepherds who were disregarded with little respect in their every day lives. The magi - some of the brightest, most intelligent people of the day. But not who you would want to cite as a witness as a person with credibility inside the faith community.

For anyone who has ever found or felt themselves on the outside - this is the best news. Captain Planet. Wonder Woman. The quiet kid in the classroom. The thief. The hard working woman who is smarter than her boss and is harassed for it. The quarterback. The plumber. The bully. The business man. The musician. The addict. The teacher. The man who just lost his wife. The family whose baby was born too soon. The parents who are working hard to make ends meet but always come up short. The customer service worker who just got yelled at for the 42nd time today. The stay at home parent. The wife whose husband suffers deeply with depression and won’t let her in- and never stops loving him. The person who feels like they just don’t fit and no one realizes it. The sweet little girl who grows up in a loving home and never knows anything different. 

As we all wander the journey together, whether we realize it or not, life is filled with joy and sorrow. The Good News is that the Good News Encounters us. Each where we are at. Whether it feels like it or not. You are loved. And so is the person standing next to you. The grace of God is bigger than we can imagine. The manger is filled so the tomb can be empty. 


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